Legit Survey Sites I Recommend (TOP 2)

Friends and Family often ask me what Survey Sites I recommend. I have been doing online surveys for over 7 years and have included my top 2 list below.

  1. Survey Savvy: I have been using Survey Savvy for 2 years now and have made over $1,000. I receive 7-10 surveys which range from $3 to $40 each week. This is the HIGHEST PAYING SURVEY SITE. They are both US and International friendly. The site is BBBOnline, and McAfee Hacker Safe certified. Survey Savvy also has a superior referral system.

  2. MindField Surveys: MindField Online is your solution for earning extra cash. You have the opportunity to win $1 to $50 for each survey completed. I receive about 10 surveys a week from them and they take about 10-20 minutes of my time. You can cashout at $5 which NO ONE can beat. They also have a great referral system!

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