Thank you...

I would like to thank each and every one of you that have visited Freebies and Much More over the past two months. You have helped this site grow to the size it is today. I initially started the site to help friends and family in these rough times...I never thought it would grow to cover the entire world. Over the past two months I have had visitors from over 120 different countries. Not only is this amazing but it goes to show how important freebies are in this day and age.

We here at Freebies and Much More hope to have a long and lasting relationship with each and every one of you loyal readers. Come back daily, tell your friends, post about the site in forums and on blogs...spread the word like wildfire and maybe one day we'll be able to reward you all with the best freebies online. Until then, we do our best to bring you the latest and greatest freebies, coupons, surveys, and other money saving tips. Thank you for your continuing support!


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