100% FREE PRODUCT TESTING SITE SIGN-UP TIME (Receive Coupons, Samples, Gift Cards, and More)

Lately, I've been receiving about 10-15 emails a day regarding Product Testing websites. Some people ask me what the best sample sites are while some ask me for the best coupon sites. Due to the many emails I have received, I've decided to create a quick and easy way for you to find the best Product Testing sites.

These Product Testing sites have all sent me samples, coupons, magazines, and even gift cards at some point in my time since joining. Some require you to take surveys while some require you to post in the discussion forums. They're all different but they're all GREAT! If you don't see one that you believe should be on the list...please, let me know by leaving a comment.

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea that you are doing this for us. I sent the google form and asked for about 7 on your list. Can't wait to get started sampling products and receiving coupons. Thank you! Jackson M

Anonymous said...

Jackson, thanks for leaving a comment. I have received your choices and you should see an email soon!