(EXPIRED) FREE Sample of Plantable Seeded Organic Paper

With plantable, seeded, growing papers that are made by hand you can gaurantee people will pay attention. when planted they will grow a variety of plants ranging from wildflowers and vegetables to trees. we use 100% recycled and organic fibers. If you need just a few sheets or bulk quantities give us a call. with the capability to custom match colors and produce many different sizes and weights, your paper options are endless. we can also print, emboss, deboss and die cut this amazing seeded, plantable, growing paper.

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Noggy said...

Looking forward to receiving my seed paper sample and hopefully a bit more info about how they design and utilize this product. Hang tags? Greeting cards that you can recycle? Really curious about the tree aspect.

Anonymous said...

Noggy...I'm excited for my free sample too! I contacted the main person there and they said you can make your own at home. Pretty neat! Thanks for visiting and enjoy the freebies. FMM

Jennifer P said...

Noggy and any one else who wants to know,
I was at Wal*Mart after the Christmas season and I seen gift tags that were made of the same paper. I think at cost they were like $2.75 for 10. but I got them for something like .10 cents! So after this Christmas season be sure to keep your eyes peeled for things like this. I hope this intrested you.