Featured Friday - Blog of the week!

Okay, so I thought I'd try something new...again! I've gathered many friends over the past year of blogging and they have been wonderful to me. In fact, many of my viewers also are viewers of their blogs/sites. Thus, I thought I'd give a little back to my friends. Featured Friday's will be something new I try...hopefully it sticks! If you would like your site to be featured, on Featured Friday, please let me know and I'll see what I can do!

GOBS OF GIVEAWAYS ~ Gobs of Giveaways is a product review and giveaway site. Each day there a giveaway highlighted as a featured giveaway from around the blog world--yours could be next! The product reviews are based on hands-on experience with the product and typically come with a giveaway. Oh and did I mention that Gobs of Giveaways has over 100 links to other giveaways weekly? Check out Mr. Linky to find these giveaways on her site!

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Kirsten said...

Thanks so much for this!! I can't wait to see the other blogs that you highlight each week. Kirsten