Free Publix Clubs and Programs (Free Magazines with Coupons and More)

I was reading my usual blogs that I visit every week or so and I ran across a post from the Freebie Blogger that mentioned 3 free Publix magazines. I wanted to expand on this and let you know that Publix not only offers free magazines, they have some awesome clubs and programs too! I have joined all of them and can tell you, they have some great coupons and offers! I've received various free items and coupons from the Baby Club and the Preschool Pals. I'd love to receive free items from the Wine's just wishful thinking! =-)

Publix Wine Guide
If you like wine, you are sure to love the Publix Wine Guide. Not only will you find everything there is to know about wine, but it's free. Just visit our Wine Guide section and sign up for your free subscription to our new Publix Grape™ magazine and also enjoy monthly newsletters through email. It's a wonderfully easy way to not only learn more about wine but it's filled with useful and engaging articles too.

Publix Baby Club®
Is there a baby in your house-or in your future? Join the Publix Baby Club®, and you can start expecting all kinds of wonderful things, all for FREE, beginning with coupons for FREE products. Join today. Because when it comes to babies, Publix delivers.

Publix Preschool Pals®
When your child graduates from Publix Baby Club or is between the ages of two and five, it's time for Publix Preschool Pals. As a member, you'll be given a helpful monthly e-mail, an information-packed quarterly newsletter, special gifts for your child and other fun stuff. Register online and enjoy the advantages of membership.

Publix FamilyStyle® Magazine
There are 4 seasons each year. But, there are far more reasons to get our free, quarterly magazine, Publix FamilyStyle magazine. You'll find useful information for every season and valuable coupons in each issue to make shopping, cooking and living easier. Plus even signing up is easier. All you have to do is click here and subscribe online.

Publix GreenWise Market® Magazine
To get on the road toward a natural and organic lifestyle, simply sign up online to have our free Publix GreenWise Market magazine delivered to your home. Every quarter, you'll receive a new issue with recipes, articles, tips, and topics that will help you enjoy the many benefits of natural and organic living.

Source: as of April 17, 2010

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