Join Kraft First Taste for Free Coupons and Product Testing Opportunities

I'm a visual person and listed below you will see ALL of the free product testing opportunities I have participated in since I joined Kraft First Taste a few years ago!

If you're unaware of Kraft First Taste, then you have not been a reader of this site for that long. =-) It's easy for all of the free offers and product testing opportunities to slip your mind, but don't let this one! Kraft First Taste has not had a new offer since mid-March, so I thought it would a great time to bring you up to speed on the program! Not only do you get to try the products for free, you also receive coupons to share with your family or friends. I love sharing the wealth! Go sign-up and await an email from Kraft First Taste telling you that they want to send you a free product/coupon.

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