Mail Call...April 28, 2010

Today was a great day. I came home from a loooononnngg day at work to find a few packages...I love mail and I really love packages...especially with freebies! What did I receive you ask? I received a month's supply of True Lemon. If you recall, I wrote on the 13th of this month about True Lemon searching for Home Usage Study Participants...that's the one! Looks like I was one of the lucky bunch! I'll be tracking my daily True Lemon intake and will be recording what I used it for and when I used it. Sounds like fun to me! Plus, once I finish, I'll receive a coupon for a free box, as their thank you for helping out. This folks, is why I LOVE TRUE LEMON. They really do value our feedback and want to improve the product. I promise I wasn't paid to say that...I haven't even started the study yet. =-)

If you missed this round, be sure to email and let them know you're interested in their NEXT study. Or, you could do one of the following below:
  1. Join the True Lemon Community
  2. Get a few Free Samples: US LINK 1 or CANADA LINK

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