Sponsor a Giveaway on Freebies and Much More

Have a giveaway, contest, or sweep that needs exposure? Sponsoring your giveaway, contest, or sweep on Freebies and Much More is what you need! With over 556 Newsletter Readers and 2500+ Twitter Followers, we're perfect for this job!

The list below shows what each sponsor will receive from Freebies and Much More:
  • 1 dedicated post describing the giveaway in its entirety
  • 1 post a day before giveaway exipiration
  • 1 free 125x125 sidebar ad space in the Sponsored Giveaway sidebar section under the Blog of the Week sidebar section until the expiration date
  • Your giveaway will be sent to my 556+ Newsletter Readers
  • Your link will be posted at the top of the Tuesday Giveaway Roundup Category in the "Sponsored" section until the expiration date
  • Submission of your giveaway to the Online Sweepstakes and Sweepstakes Advantage Directory's
  • 5 tweets about your giveaway will go to our 2500+ Twitter Followers
  • Choose the times, time zone, and days you would like the tweets to be sent
As a Sponsor, you will be required to send the product(s) or service(s) to the winner(s) after the giveaway has ended and you have received the winner's contact information. Please fill out the PR Contact Form to begin the process! Visit the PR/Media Kit page for more information about how Freebies and Much More can help promote your giveaway, blog, site, company, etc!

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