To Coupon or Not to Coupon...

...that is a great question! Well, as you can see, I'm a couponer and I choose to be a couponer because it's easy, it's fun, and I'm way too frugal to not do it! Living on one salary can be tough, but having my trusty coupons keeps us least I like to tell myself that. =-)

For all you frugal couponers like me, I'm listing my favorite sites below. If you know more, leave a comment. If you have a couponing site/blog, leave a comment.. I want to add it to my list of favorites and I'd love to let all my visitors know too! Frugal couponing to you all!

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Cheryl said...

Great list, anxious to check them all out. I just started a blog for couponing at CVS, Simply CVS, you can find it at I am working on another more general saving blog now.