Have You Received Right@Home Samples Lately?

I'm a HUGE fan, but lately, I haven't received a single giveaway sample from them. Over the past year, I've only received (1) of the products offered out of the following items:

  • Glade Relaxing Moments Kit
  • Spring Cleaning Gift Pack
  • Oust Freshen-Your-Home Gift Pack
  • Glade Scented Oil Candle Tins
  • Nature’s Source Natural All-Purpose Cleaner (Received)
  • Nature's Source Tote Bag
  • Scrubbing Bubbles Gift Pack

I'm a little curious what's going on because I'm usually the first person to find out about the offers that they have on their website. Maybe this post will reach someone at Right@Home and then they'll let me know what's going on. I feel like I've been blacklisted. Uh oh!

Do you feel the same way? Let me know if you've received the samples from Right@Home.

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bettycd said...

Didn't Right at Home switch to only allowing us a free sample every 4 months? Its not like I keep records meticulous records so I throw in an entry if I'm interested. Used to be we entered monthly and it didn't matter if we'd received anything even the last month.

crystal said...

I heard that too. You can only sign up and receive one sample every quarter,although i am not sure when they changed it.

FMM said...

Thanks you two! I had heard about that restriction but I wasn't even thinking about it when I wrote the post. It must have been one of those DUH moments. Thanks for the reminder.