New P&G eStore has Launched. Free Shipping Code and More...

I received a very good news email this morning and I thought you'd like to hear it. P&G has officially launched their online store (eStore) today. Who doesn't love Proctor and Gamble brands? I mean, they're in almost every cabinet in my pantry (Crest, Gillette, CoverGirl, Tide, etc). It'd be a great way to save on products because the prices are very low, plus, you get $5 shipping regardless of how many products you order. You can't beat that!'re one of the first 500 people to order from the eStore using code FREE25 you'll receive Free Shipping with a $25+ purchase!

Go check out the eStore because I think you'll really like it. It's laid out in an easy to view manner and the products are a click away. Also, check out the special P&G savings section. No need for coupons anymore!

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