Road Trip Time - Have You Updated Your GPS Unit?

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It's that time again moms (and dads)! Summer is here and the road trips begin. I love this time of the year because it's a great way to bond with your family (young and old). I even loved travelling as a child. Back when I was younger, we didn't have GPS or TV's in the car. We had a HUGE paper map and the license plate game. Come on, you all remember writing down how many different state license plates you could find on a road trip. I know I remember my parents with their HUGE paper map flying all over the place because the windows were always down. I sure don't miss those days...haha!

As I mentioned above, I love travelling. It's so just pick a destination, gather the family, get in the car, plug in the GPS, and drive away into the sunset. What's that you say...the GPS unit isn't updated?! ARGH! I've had this happen to my family a few times. Thankfully, we weren't unprepared...we still had cell phones to call someone who was near a computer. Having an up to date GPS unit is very important. It's almost as important as checking your oil and tires before heading out. I can only imagine we would have saved plenty of time if we had an updated GPS unit. Don't let this happen to you...time is precious!

Have you updated your GPS unit lately? If not, NAVTEQ would like to remind you to visit and get it updated today! NAVTEQ is the company whose technology and maps drive most of the in-car navigation systems and the leading brands of GPS-enabled devices in the U.S. You never know when you'll be out on the road needing updated directions. Even if you're on the road, there are many locations with free Wifi...stop into one of them, hook up your GPS unit and visit

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