Enter Your Pizza at the Domino's Pizza - Show Us Your Pizza Promotion (Ends 7/26)

If you haven't seen the promotion for Domino's Pizza - Show Us Your Prize, you should check out the video below. Domino's is vowing to stop the use of professional photographers in their ads, and instead, use only shots from pizzas their employees are making. I've always thought that using those 'fancy' setups of food took away from the reality of it all. Domino's is inviting consumers to submit their best natural Domino’s food photography to earn one of four prizes of $500. We've already submitted out pizza....hopefully we win. How cool would that be?!

Customers can visit ShowUsYourPizza.com to learn about Domino’s Pizza’s “photo promise,” which prohibits any artificial manipulation of the product during shooting, among other rules.

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