(EXPIRED) Join the Way Basics BFF Club - Product Testing Opportunity, Sample Products, Discount Coupon Codes, and More! (Ends July 26)

Introducing the Way Basics BFF Club
Introducing the Way Basics BFF Club

Seeing as I'm a HUGE FAN of Way Basics, I received an email from them asking me to help reach out to all of my loyal readers. The Way Basics BFF Club is your chance to get involved in a movement to living simply and creating fun products that are easy to use and of course human and environmentally mindful. We will look to you as our friends and experts to discuss all things simple, sustainable, affordable, and just plain fun! Also, if you have blogging experience, we’d love to have you become a contributing writer for the Way Basics blog!
  • You’ll receive exclusive discounts on any products at www.waybasics.com
  • You will also receive a FREE Vapur Water Bottle!
  • Anyone who submits an application will automatically get a coupon code for 25% off and free shipping!!!!
NOTE: Opportunity expires July 26th!

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