Product Review: ProFlowers Blending Art and Nature Sago Palm Bonsai

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I'm a huge fan of plants and gardens. In fact, my family has always had an herb garden. Sure, it wasn't what you'd normally call a garden with vegetables and fruits, but it served its purpose. Herb gardens are fun and they can really help you save money. So when I found out about the chance to review an Sago Palm Bonsai from ProFlowers came up, I couldn't say no! I had over 15 choices of Tropical Plants and Bonsai Trees to choose is the list of my “bonsai tree choices”. Which one would you have chosen and why?

Here's the Sago Palm Bonsai upon arrival to our wonderful home:

ProFlowers Sago Palm

It's a very beautiful Sago Palm Bonsai and I couldn't have been more pleased with the way ProFlowers packed it and shipped it. It took me just around 5 minutes to open the packing of the Sago Palm Bonsai. I can honestly tell you that the Sago Palm Bonsai did NOT move a centimeter during shipping...even if the delivery person ran over speed bumps going 30mph. =-)

As I opened the Sago Palm Bonsai we all awed at its beauty. It was bright green and looked healthy. The reason I asked to review the Sago Palm Bonsai was because they are easy to care for, adaptable to both indoor/outdoor lighting, and they just remind me of paradise. I wish I had a better indirect sunlight spot in my office. I probably wouldn't get much work done dreaming of being on the beach.

Thank you ProFlowers for allowing me the opportunity to review the beautiful Sago Palm Bonsai!

Disclaimer: ProFlowers sent me the above product to review. I was not compensated monetarily for the review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own!

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