Product Review: Quickly and Easily Create Online Forms with Wufoo


When I first began Blogging, I realized I would need online forms (surveys, contact information, giveaways, e-invitations, polls, etc). I, like almost every Blogger, tried out Google Forms. I was instantly dissatisfied. I could not add any type of branding to the form, I could not use any logic, and it just looked so plain. After trying it out for far too long, I quickly moved over to Wufoo.

Wufoo was a dream come true! At first sight, I knew it would be great. The interface was professional, user-friendly, and flexible. After creating my first contact form in under 5 minutes, I knew Wufoo was perfect for Freebies and Much More. I didn't stop here...I customized the form to email me (and the user) when they filled out the contact form. Then, I sent the user to a report page showing them information from other users that previously filled out the form (location, gender, etc). The features in Wufoo are endless. I am currently working on setting up a payment form where users can advertise on Freebies and Much More. They will fill out the form and it is integrated with Paypal...I told you the features are endless!!!

WufooNot only will the interface and features blow you away, the service is also top notch. The Wufoo team goes above and beyond. I think they really do want to make me happy...I wish more companies out there could be like this! The Wufoo team members are always helpful, insightful, and even thankful when you have ideas or comments. Creating online forms couldn't be any quicker or easier. Google and Survey Monkey missed the pitch and Wufoo hit a grand slam!

Haven't I convinced you yet? If not, check out this list of companies using Wufoo...they might just increase your curiosity: American Red Cross, Best Buy,, Disney, Discovery Channel,, J.CREW, Kodak, Microsoft, Nielsen, Sony, Twitter, The Washington Post, and many more!

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