Calling All Photography Lovers: #Fracture Picture Frames Coming Soon!

Fracture Picture Frames

I recently had the pleasure of learning about Fracture. Talk about next generation cool! Fracture is the new talk of the town if you're into photography. What is a Fracture? Read below...

Fracture Picture Frames

I love the fact that the entire frame is printed digitally. Digital images don't fade! Also, the print is on the backside of the glass frame which means you can't scratch it! I'm really loving this idea and am so glad someone came out with it. I can't wait to give it a try! If I am among the first 100 participants in the blog post offer, I will be writing a follow-up post about Fracture with my feedback after testing it out.

Learn more about Fracture today by visiting!

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Disclaimer: I wrote this blog post in response to a TwitterMoms RAMBO alert, making me eligible to get a Fracture picture frame for review. You can learn more about Fracture at

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Jeanie said...

This looks awesome! I definitely want to order one of these! Thanks for sharing!