Fire Ants Are the Devil...

A few minutes ago, I was outside, enjoying the beautiful evening here in Northern Florida. I was moving a shrub from the side of the house to the front of the house...when all of a sudden I had a sharp 'fire' pain on my foot. Then, it went to my other foot...I ran to the back yard, turned on the water hose and sat with the hose soaking my feet. I didn't see anything....not even dirt!!!

About 30 seconds went by and I noticed the unmistakable swollen red bumps from the infamous fire ant. I'm used to fire ants and have even been bitten by them. This time was different. I waited a few minutes and watched the bumps grow...after counting, I have 10 bites between my two feet and my right hand.

After taking two Benadryl and soaking my feet in ice cold water for 30 minutes, my ears are both swollen, my feet are swollen, my hand is swollen, and I'm sleepy....guess I wasn't meant to play in the garden or wear shoes for the rest of the week! I'm still smiling might be the Benadryl talking. =-)

PS....lots of upcoming reviews and giveaways coming (Master Lock, Yoplait Splitz, Sodastream, Country Bob's, Rock N' Learn DVD, Smelly Washer, KIWI Shoe Products, and many more! Give me a few days to recover and I'll be back with a bang!!!

PSS...keep away from Fire Ants if you can!

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have been bitten quite a few times and I usually have a pretty severe reaction. The ONLY thing that has worked for me is to put the affected area under HOT water, as hot as you can stand it for as long as you can stand it. I know it sounds weird but it is almost as if that heat takes the "fire" out of the bite. This generally lasts for a while but may need to be done a few more times. Prior to doing this I had been bitten and the pain and burning from this lasted almost 6 months so anything is better than that option. GOOD LUCK!

Teresa said...

Oh u poor thing! My kiddo, well he isn't such a kiddo now; he is 21 years old and in military, but he has allergy to fire ants! I will never ever forget his first allergic reaction; just 2 years old; he was playing in the yard as usual and he came in one time was a little teary of course then back outside. Well a few hours after initially seeing the bites he began forming what they call "trails" all the way up his leg from the bite on his foot, climbing up to his chest. I thank God my best friend at the time was a Paramedic and she said get that kid to the hospital he is having an anaphylactic shock reaction to the fire ant bite! Well of course I did and he is a strapping 21 year old young man today but my gosh what a scare! The funny thing was the pediatrician that was in the E.R. told me always to keep Benadryl on hand but also Meat Tenderizor. (That's right, he said rub that ol' everyday in your kitchen meat tenderizor on the site of the bite and that will take the poison out of the bite!) I was like omg! You have got to be kiddin me. But thru the years we learned that doc was absolutely correct! Benadryl orally and Meat Tenderizor on the bite! Anyways long story short even my son says that the ants are even more poisonous today than they were years ago. So I been keepin ya in thoughts and prayers and hope ya do not have any more incidents with fire ants.. pesky little suckers and yes they are evil! lol Take care.

FMM said...

Thank you Teresa....I'm trying ice cold water and will then be applying a paste of baking soda and water! I love home remedies because there are so many options. =-) I feel like a guinea pig!