Heads Up: Avocado Dress-Up Coloring Contest and More!

Avocado Dress-Up

I LOVE avocado's! You can eat them straight up or create a dish with them. Either way, I'll take them and so will everyone in my family. Earlier today, I ran across this awesome opportunity where children can DRESS-UP their Avocado online. It's called the Avocado Dress-Up Coloring Contest. How fun! I know...it's silly, but still...it's really alot of fun for kids (and parents to watch)!

If you have a few minutes with your child/ren, gather them up and bring them in front of the screen for some really neat fun. See who can be the most creative and then enter your avocado in the contest. Click here for complete instructions! If you're interested in learning how to integrate Avocado's into your child's life...see their Back-to-School recipes!

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Disclaimer: I wrote this blog post at the request of Avocados from Mexico, making me eligible to get a $25 iCARD gift card.

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