Heads Up: Good Humor Ice Cream Sweet-stakes and More!

Warning! The above image (and the below product review) may cause you to leave what you are doing and hop into your car, drive to the nearest grocery store, and buy out their entire selection of Good Humor Ice Cream!!!!

If you're anything like my family, you love ice cream...year round! We indulge ourselves in various flavors and various brands. A few days ago, we had the wonderful opportunity to try out Good Humor ice cream for the first time. I know, I know...I said we love to try different flavors and brands. Well, the store I shop at doesn't carry them...so I had to make a road trip! After finding a store that carried the product, we decided waiting wasn't worth it so we popped out the ice cream and ate them all up. Come on, you can't waste ice cream and in 90 degree weather it won't last long. Let's just say dinner didn't happen that night! I told you the image and the review would make you crave this ice cream from Good Humor.

While you're eating your ice cream and it better be Good Humor, enter the Good Humor Sweet-stakes! Hurry, because it ends September 6th! You can win one of 10,000 prizes such as a T-shirt, a hat, music downloads, or the Grand Prize of $10,000! Wow...if I won the $10,000 prize, I'd buy ice cream for LIFE!

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Disclaimer: I received free samples of Good Humor Ice Cream products to review from Mom Bloggers Club. I was not compensated monetarily for the review and all opinions expressed are my own!

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