Heads Up: 50+ Product Testing Opportunities

I love free stuff...thus, the title of my blog, Freebies and Much More! Over the past few years of hosting this blog I have joined almost each and every product testing program, club, and panel I could find. I love to share, so here is my early Christmas present to you! There are lots of links below to keep you busy for quite a while. I hope you enjoy them! As usual, post a comment and let me know if you know one I'm missing. =-)

Our Top Product Testing Programs
  1. Vocalpoint
  2. Kraft First Taste
  3. Right @ Home
  4. Purex Insider
  5. Start Sampling
  6. AllYou Reality Checker
  7. Pssst (General Mills)
  8. Mills Advisory Panel
  9. House Party
  10. My Blog Spark
  11. Tryology
  12. Smile.ly
  13. In-Home Product Testing
  14. BzzAgent
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Books and Magazines
Clothing and Shoes
Food, Beverages, and Snacks
Grocery Stores
Health and Beauty
Home and Garden



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janetfaye said...

Thank you for the awesome list!

Sent My Way said...

I've posted a link directly to this site with a HUGE thank you.

I also want to know your referral id for some of these. I'd love to get you some credit. This first place that's asked for it is Start Sampling.