Product Review: Diamond Earrings are a Girls Best Friend

Diamond Earrings

A few weeks ago, I received a pair of Diamond Earrings from and I have to say I'm surprised how close to real they look. No, they're not real diamonds but I'm guessing very few people could actually tell (or would actually care). Diamond Earrings is temporarily promoting their online jewelry company by giving away *free simulated-diamond earrings. What a wonderful promotion to get the word out!

Diamond Earrings

I love the way these Diamond Earrings make me look. I don't actually have a pair and I am quite pleased to add this pair to my collection. They're a little larger than my usual earrings which most likely is the reason why they caught my husbands eye the other day. Bring on the Diamond Earrings!!! =-)

I'm sure you're asking yourself...what's the catch right about now. There's no catch! Just mention Diamond Earrings anywhere on the web and pay $3.77 and you'll receive a set of beautiful simulated-diamond earrings, set in sterling silver and delivered in a heart shaped box.

FTC Disclaimer: I received a free pair of simulatied-fiamond earrings item to review. I was not compensated monetarily for the review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own!

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