Product Review: ecoSTORE USA


Today, everyone I know is talking about "going green"'s about time! I've been pretty 'green' and I do my best to keep 'green' cleaning products in our household. Some can be quite pricey and they don't all work (or smell) as good as the 'non-green' products. I'm stating my opinion...take it or leave it as you may.

I'm a HUGE label and ingredient reader. Blame my mother! Sorry mom! I'm actually not sorry, because she's turned me into a vigilant watcher for harmful chemicals and toxins. I stay clear from:
  • Parabens, Glycols, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (These are VERY bad for you!)
In my search to stay 'green', I ran across ecoSTORE. Talk about a great company...they even have the word 'eco' in their name brand! Lucky for me, ecoSTORE offered to send me two products to try out. How could one resist?! I ordered the Coconut Bar Soap and the Dishwasher Liquid. I couldn't be more pleased to have these products in my household. The Coconut Bar Soap is so fragrant and it really does a great job of leaving my hands smooth and soft afterwards! The Dishwasher Liquid is also a great product. It has a great citrus fragrance and leaves the dishes nice and clean. It also doesn't leave water stains on my glasses...this is a huge plus since we stopped using plastic cups and all we have are glasses!


Come learn more about ecoSTORE by visiting their website, by joining them on Facebook and Twitter, or by searching your local Meijer. You might just find a 'green' product worth trying!

FTC Disclaimer: I received two free products from ecoSTORE USA for this review. I was not compensated monetarily for the review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own!

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