My Ultimate Family Vacation to Florida #clevervacay

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My ultimate family vacation would be to stay in my home state, Florida. I love this place. The sun, the beach, the state parks, the springs, the weather, did I mention the beach?! I grew up vacationing in Sanibel Island as a child/teenager and I dreamed of living in Florida since then. 2 years ago, my dream came true. Though I do not live in Sanibel Island, I still can travel there when I want with my family. In fact, where I live, we can pretty much travel to any place in Florida and be there within a few hours. It's great..really!


I would take a month off of work and I would take the family on a road trip all around the sunny state of Florida. We would stop off at all the beautiful beaches (Florida Keys, Sanibel/Captiva, Grayton, etc). We would stop off at St. Augustine, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Apalachicola. I'm a huge antique fan so I'd love to stop off at as many of them as I can. We're also huge fans of Disney World, Sea World, Epcot Center, Universal Studios, Adventure Island/Busch Gardens in Tampa. I think I'd need an entire year off after this trip.

What would you do for your ultimate family vacation? Where would you go? Who would you bring? Would you fly, drive, bike, or take a boat? Would you go overseas or stay in your home state? The skies the limit...I'd love to hear what you'd do!

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Tootie said...

Like you, I'm actually living in my 'Ultimate Vacation' spot. Since I moved to Sanibel, I have had no desire to go anywhere else. But we are Disney World and Universal Studios fans, so I would probably fly there, instead of driving. :) I really haven't seen much of Florida on the east coast and the Keys, so would like to see more of that too. It's nice that you live in an area that gives you access to so many places you enjoy.