Product Review: Chloraseptic Lozenges - Sore Throats Don't Have to Suck


That's right folks...with the winter season approaching us fairly quickly, it's time to stock up on chicken noodle soup, cough medicine, and sore throat lozenges. We're taking a trip this weekend because we've run out of everything. The entire family was sick this past week and a seemed like a game where we passed it back and forth. After cleaning out the filters and dusting the entire house from top to bottom, it must have moved on to someone else. AHH...we can finally sleep easier.

I received samples of various Chloraseptic Lozenge flavors around September 29th and thought to can I review this product. I placed them in the medicine cabinet and quickly brought them back out around the 10th of October. I said to myself...THANK YOU CHLORASEPTIC!


The worst part about being sick is the sore throat...I can handle the head congestion, the fever (when it appears), and the weakness of my body. I cannot handle having that scratchy and burning feeling in my throat. This really does suck! =-) Thanks to the Chloraseptic Lozenges, sore throats don't have to suck and my sore throat didn't!

When you suck on Chloraseptic lozenges. Chloraseptic, the #1 pharmacist recommended brand, has updated their complete line of lozenges and sprays to provide effective relief just in time for cold and flu season! The lozenges now have a soothing liquid center with a second burst of medicine to battle sore throats caused by seasonal allergens. Best of all, the lozenges are available in four great flavors such as Green Tea, Cherry and a Max strength. From Fall to the frostiest of winter months, Chloraseptic lozenges can be the most convenient staple for the season.


The Chloraseptic® Lozenge Line is available in 15 and 18 count packs with a suggested retail price of $3.99. The family of sore throat relief products also includes Chloraseptic® Relief Strips® for kids, which are fast-acting, great tasting grape oral strips that relieve sore throat pain on contact. Flavors of Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Lozenges also include Wild Cherry, available in sugar free and regular, which also suppress cough for up to four hours, and maximum strength® Wild Berries, the strongest non-prescription flavor available.

For more information on Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges and the full line of sore throat relief products, log onto

FTC Disclaimer: I received Chloraseptic Lozenge samples from a PR company affiliated with Chloraseptic for my review. I was not compensated monetarily for the review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own!

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Beeb said...

I have a cold right now, blech! I've tried the spray but not their lozenges. Glad it helped you!