Holiday Gift Guide Review: Hershey's Pot of Gold Premium Collection and Truffles Sampler

Boxed Choclates

Christmas is right around the corner...I can feel it in the air! I am getting more excited by the minute! I cannot wait to see what kind of candy will be in my stocking this year! I've asked for Hershey’s Pot of Gold Premium Collection and Truffles Sampler because they are perfect for eating on cold nights with a cup of hot cocoa or just popping one in your mouth when you're blogging.

Pot of Gold

I stopped off at my local grocery store today to stock up on these items for my co-workers because they were all on sale! They always ask for goodies such as these and I thought, why not....if I love them, I'm sure they will! Who doesn't love chocolate anyway?! =-)

Go out and buy Hershey’s Pot of Gold Premium Collection and Truffles Sampler. It'll put a smile on their face! =-)

Find and Buy: I found Pot of Gold Premium Chocolates at my local Walmart, Publix, CVS, and Walgreen's. You can also shop online at The Hershey's Store!

FTC Disclaimer: I received the Pot of Gold Premium Chocolate and Truffles Sampler for my review from a PR company affiliated with Hershey. I was not compensated monetarily for the review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own!

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Jackie said...

I bought three boxes of Hershey's Pot Of Gold for my husband and one for each of my daughters. They are from Santa, of course.