Project Reindeer: 5 Days of Deals from GAP (Ends 12/20)

Project Reindeer - GAP

Starting December 15th through Monday December 20th eight real, live Reindeer are going to determine Gap’s in-store deals. Using GPS, the deer’s movements will be tracked and measured against a different goal each day. Every deer will have a deal. Every day will have a winner, and every Gap in America will offer that deer’s deal to the public the very next day.

Head over to Project Reindeer to check out the deals and the deer, and in the mean time check out Gap’s Facebook page for a little sneak peek.


What a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit! Gap comes out with some of the best deals and they are outdoing themselves with Project Reindeer. When you visit Project Reindeer, you can learn more about Josh, the stylish Zoologist with a focus on North American Caribou, and the 8 Reindeeer (Emma, Zoe, Cooper, Stella, Chloe, Toby, Duke, and Bailey). After you learn about the Herd, go ahead and tweet your favorite Reindeer's deal of the day.

Today, I'm going to Emma's Deal because it's 40% off your whole can you NOT tweet this deal. Click for Emma's Deal!!!

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