Valentine's Day: Celebrating Love with Flowers, Chocolate, and Teddy Bears!

Valentine’s Day this year will be an interesting one for my family. Most of you have read about my post about taking a break to care for my mom and how she has been ill from Ovarian Cancer for the past few weeks. For the past two years, I’ve sent mom a flower arrangement with a teddy bear and chocolate. She always gets a kick out of the gift bundles I send. I include a funny note to make her smile. This year, I’m going to go BIG and get the largest bouquet of flowers I can find at 1800Flowers.

My mom is my Valentine this year...she’s my hero. Thanks to 1800Flowers, I know she’ll at least a get a big smile out of my flower arrangement. We were telling her she should start her own flower business because while she was in the hospital, she’s received so many flower arrangements. I thank all of those wonderful friends of hers that have sent her flowers…she’s truly blessed and has a great support group.

IF you had the chance to surprise your Valentine by sending him/her flower arrangements, chocolates, and other gift bundles from 1800Flowers, which one’s would you choose? I’m a fan of flowers but chocolates sound good right about now! You can always count on 1800Flowers to send you beautiful, full, and long-lasting flowers for any occasion.

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