Heads Up: Join the Purex Insiders for Free Product Testing Opportunities and More)

Purex Insiders

I became a Purex Insider about 6 months ago. So far, I've received free samples and coupons of the new Purex Complete Crystals products. They're amazing and are really a time saver. No more waiting for the rinse cycle! I recently received an email letting me know I'll soon be receiving a free sample/coupon of Purex with Zout. I LOVE PUREX!!!

Do you blog? Does your blog have a devoted following? Do you tweet, Facebook, Tumbl or Flikr with joyous abandon? If you love to connect with others and share information about the brands you love, then yes—we’d love to have you Apply to the Purex Insiders program.

Have you signed up yet? If not, join the Purex Insiders today! If you're a member, have you participated in any opportunities? Let us know!

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Heidi V said...

Thank you so much for this information!