Product Review: (NEW) Luden's Orange Throat Drops - Preparing for Winter!

I don't know about you all but I'm starting to get colder every day!  The temperature is dropping drastically here in Florida and I'm so glad to have been able to try Luden's new throat drops.  All of my friends are coming down with something and I'm sure it'll run its course into my system sooner or later.  I'm not a fan of getting sick and I am really not a fan of the same old flavors of medication such as menthol or cherry.  Thanks to Luden's, I have the opportunity to incorporate a new flavor into my life....Orange!

If you didn't know, Luden's has been around for over 130 years.  Not too many companies even last 10 years now-a-days.  They must know what they're doing!  Another reason to try Luden's products is because they have some awesome flavors!  Kids and parents alike will find something that tastes good to them.

I really love their Honey Licorice but this Orange has taken over as my most favorite Luden's flavor.  It has 100 percent of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C AND is made with real orange juice.  The flavor is smooth and actually delicious.  I used to suck on throat drops throughout the winter months just to keep colds at bay...I'm not sure it worked, but I consider myself an expert taster of throat drops.  =-)

For over 130 years Luden's® throat drops have offered a delicious method for soothing a dry, scratchy throat. For more information on Luden’s® and the full line of products, log onto  
While you're at it...go and get yourself a $1 off coupon from Luden's in preparation for Winter!

FTC Disclaimer: I received the above product for this review! I was not compensated monetarily for the review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own!

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