Need Christmas Money? Sell your old cell phone and get up to $500!

I'm proud to say that I actually do NOT have a cell phone. Ha...(imaging me laughing at all the people texting and talking while they walk, drive, eat, and sleep). =-)

A few of my friends have tried unsuccessfully to give me a phone but I turn them down. I LOVE not having a phone in my pocket and I LOVE not being bothered 24/7. I guess, it's not a life for everyone. Even my dad has a new Android (is that what they're calling it now-a-days?).

If you're like my dad, you most likely drop your phone a few times a year. He's gone through 3 phones this year and we still have over 2 weeks left in it. Go for #4 dad! He has a desk drawer with all of the phones he's owned over the past few years. I can't believe someone would use a drawer for this purpose. He was complaining to me the other day about what to do with all of these phones...easy, recycle them!

SellCell is a cell phone recycling price comparision site that will knock your socks off! The process is actually quite simple and user-friendly. In order to sell your cell phone you just follow the how it works instructions. I'll list them for you below...
  1. Search for your cell phone.
  2. Select the best deal you could earn from your cell phone
  3. Ship your cell phone
  4. Wait for payment via the mail
See...I told you it was easy! So...go out today and find all those old cell phones in your house. See what kind of money you can make before Christmas is here!

**This is a sponsored post**

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