Sponsored Post: Saving Money on Family Vacations

Over the past few years, I've begun to see vacations become more expensive and less fun.  This is NOT what should be happening!  I understand how expensive a vacation can be as I tend to take one or two with my family each year.  At the same time, vacations are meant to be fun and to help us escape from our daily routines.

As with anything in my life, I don't just start something and not finish.  I'm one of those folks who researches as much as possible and them takes the plunge.  Whether it is on purchasing a new bedroom suite which I just did or buying a house.  Vacations are the same!  We decide on a destination and activities we'd like to do while away and then I get to work finding all kinds of discounts, promo code, coupon codes and hot deals.  When it comes to finding these deals, there are many great website out there now.

Companies such as CheapOair provide some really outstanding deals that you probably won't find elsewhere or through a travel agency.  In fact, I just checked out the site and I found a great CheapOair promo code for 65% off all flights.  I mean, wow...talk about a great deal.  I'm sure there are time/day/flight restrictions but come on, this is a HOT deal!  

Another company I recently found out about is called OneTravel.  They are similar to CheapOair and also offer some great deals.  I went on their website and saw some deals by destination and by airline.  In fact, I just checked out the site and I found a great OneTravel promo code for 60% off one way flights.  This is a rare promo code because one way flights are usually as expensive as round trip ones.

As you can see, taking some time to research these deals and discounts will make your family vacation less expensive.  This will allow you to spend more time having fun with your family on your vacation.  Remember that there are many websites for coupons and promotional codes.  Don’t give up if you have trouble finding a deal.  Feel free to post a comment in this post and I’ll see if I can assist!

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