Product Review: Save a Tree Today with Marcal Small Steps

Marcal Small Steps

Thanks to Marcal Small Steps, my household is greener than it has ever been! They were kind enough to send me and my family a package full of their products (paper towels, bath tissue, facial tissues, napkins, and more). 100% of Marcal Small Steps® products are made from 100% premium recycled paper, not trees. I find this quite amazing and I hope you do too! As they say, small changes make a big difference...and our family is making our way slowly but surely to being completely green. I'd say we're 75% there. Where would you place your household?

I've known about Marcal Small Steps because a few of the magazines I subscribe to have coupons in them. The last few months, I've actually used the 'free' coupons for toilet paper. I love trying new products and these products are great! Not only because they are green and eco-friendly, but because they budget friendly for us frugal people!


I can tell you I'm hooked and have joined the Marcal Movement. While you're at it, why not follow my lead and Join the Marcal Movement with me! Stay up-to-date with Marcal Small Steps! You can also join them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest money-saving offers, specialpromotions and other information from Marcal.

Marcal Small Steps and Kiwi Magazine recently published findings from a survey they conducted with over 1000 moms. Highlights include:
  • Sixty seven percent bag their groceries in reusable bags from home always or sometimes.
  • Sixty percent regularly "buy organic foods/produce" always or sometimes.
These are great results and I'm looking forward to seeing more moms move toward the green movement. I hope to see you all the near future! =-)

FTC Disclaimer: I received products for this review from Marcal Small Steps. I was not compensated monetarily for the review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own!

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