Holiday Gift Guide Review: Manage Your Portions with Yum Yum Dishes

Yum Yum Dishes
"Tracy created Yum Yum Dishes™ to help kids and grown-ups manage their snacking habits in a healthy way. Instead of eliminating all your favorite treats – enjoy them in moderation, in a Yum Yum Dish™! Tracy is a former restaurateur and mother of two. Her Yum Yum Dishes™ are a great way to teach little ones about correct portions size and help to keep snack size in check for grown-ups, too!"
Portion control is a word you don't hear very often. Every time my family dines out we bring home leftovers. I've heard more and more about restaurants that serve you the correct portion sizes but I've never dined at one yet. I can't imagine what the portion size of spaghetti would look like. I'm guessing everyone would ask if this was the appetizer?!

Christmas always adds about 5 pounds to our waistlines. The Christmas cookies, candy canes, eggnog, and holiday feasts don't help! Just look at the image below...delicious!

Yum Yum Dishes

My father serves himself ice cream about 5 times that of a Yum Yum Dish...I'm definitely adding these to my Christmas shopping list just for this reason. I'm guilty of 'bored snacking' which happens when you don't have anything to do. I often find my hand in a bag of Grab 'Em Snack plantain chips and an hour late, the bag is empty...I ask myself...who ate all the chips?! =-)

Portion control...there, I said it! I need portion control but it's just so difficult. Not anymore thanks to Yum Yum Dishes and owner, Tracy Adler. I'm going to begin measuring each dish (which is four ounces) with my favorite snacks throughout the day and I'm only going to eat what's in the dish. I love to indulge, but I'm going to start indulging in moderation.

Yum Yum Dishes

I love these finely crafted ceramic dishes. Each set of ceramic Yum Yum Dishes comes with 4 colors. Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green. A Yum Yum dish is a creative gift for the foodie in your life and a smart addition to any weight loss plan. If you're ready to order your set today, visit the Yum Yum Dishes!

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Disclaimer: I received a Yum Yum Dish for this review. I was not compensated monetarily for the review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own!

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Tracy said...

Thank you for a wonderful review. We have been receiving a great number or orders. We are working with Cyber Monday by offereing to anyone who Fans us on Facebook or follows us on Twitter a coupon code for $5.00 off each set ordered by December 5, 2010. Sign up and look for the code.

Have a great holiday season!

giveawaydarling said...

I need to get some of these asap!