Organic or Bust Giveaway Winners Announced...

Congratulations to the following Organic or Bust Giveaway Winners! During the event, Freebies and Much More had over 10,000 visitors...WOW! Keep your eyes open for ANOTHER Organic Review & Giveaway in a few days.
  1. EcoUsable Giveaway - Megan, Patricia, and Jennifer
  2. Pure Bar Giveaway - Lindsey L, Amber, and Rebecca
  3. Corel Paint It! Giveaway - Kathy D
  4. Alexia All Natural and Organic Foods Giveaway - Diana D
  5. EcoMom Giveaway - Polly K
  6. Marcal Small Steps Giveaway - Sherry
  7. Kate's Tram Bars Giveaway - Barb, Janelle, and Linda K
  8. Green Ostrich Giveaway - Marysa
  9. Trivial Pursuit STEAL Card Game Giveaway - April, Maureen, and Anne
  10. Giveaway - Sarah B
  11. LUNA Bar Giveaway - Betsy and Alicia
  12. Rita Monti Giveaway - Kristen
  13. Cedar's Mediterranean Foods Giveaway - Sherry
  14. Softlips PURE 100% Natural Organic Giveaway - Kimberly and Jackie
  15. Wholly Guacamole Giveaway - Grand Prize: Hannah P, Jennifer, and Monica - Runner Up: Anne, Meredith M, Teresa, Andrea, and Diane B

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Diabetic Snacker Reviews said...

Yay! They looked great Thanks! barb

For Their Future said...

Wow! Thanks so much!
And congratulations to the other winners!!