Heads Up: Cooking With Emeril Lagasse's Attorney

Everyone in the cooking world knows about the wonderful and amazing Emeril Lagasse. He's a fun loving guy who can make a dish from almost anything you put in his way! I've always enjoyed watching his show and even his commercials.

Check out the cute commercial for Philadelphia's new Cooking Creme below. It shows Emeril Lagasse's Attorney, Mark Stein, fulfill his life-long dream of becoming a famous TV chef like his renowned client. He ends up making Creamy Chicken Florentine....my that looks delicious! Be on the lookup for a product review/giveaway opportunity in the next few days or so. I can't wait to see what I can cook up!

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Austin Car Accident Lawyer said...

I really enjoyed watching the video. I love cooking and I surely want to show my prowess to the public. I'm hoping to do just that later.