Heads Up: Become a House Party Insider...Join HouseLab

House Party HouseLab

I received an email from House Party asking me if I'd want to become an insider with them...well of course I would!!! Here's a quick blurb of what HouseLab is:

HouseLab is a research-based initiative that invites House Party members like you to take surveys and polls either from the comfort of your own home or at a nearby location in exchange for cash or goodies. Getting started is as simple as:
  • Complete your House Party profile: this allows us to get to know you better and offer you opportunities we think you’ll like.
  • Then, answer a few simple questions so we can ensure you get invitations for HouseLab studies that are a good fit.
  • Agree to participate in the HouseLab program and to receive invitations from our research partners.
  • This program provides a chance to be the first to try new products and services and share your feedback.

Are you still interested in joining HouseLab and becoming a House Party Insider? I bet you are...it'll be loads of fun because that's what House Party is all about! Join today by clicking the beautiful 'Go Here Now' button below...

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