I'm a Velveeta Cheesy Skillets House Party Host...did you sign up?

House Party

House Party

What great news! I never saw this coming from a hundred miles away. I'm in shock!!! I received an email telling me that I'm a 2010 French Cocktail Host. I love House Party and have applied to over 42 parties to host. Thus far, I have hosted a Kaplan Party, a Juicy Juice Party, a Windows 7 Party, and a French Cocktail Party. During the past few months, I haven't tried hosting any House Party's. This one was a great surprise!

If you're new to House Party, I suggest you pay attention. If you visit and join House Party, you will receive amazing discounts and free stuff from brands you know and love (Kraft, Juicy Juice, Sara Lee, Windows, Hasbro, etc). All you have to do is host a party with a few friends and family in your own home, take pictures, and post them on the website. It's a lot of fun and I strongly suggest you join.

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