Sponsored Post: Online Shopping Means Saving Money for the Entire Family!

Last month the family took a quick 3 day vacation to Florida to visit with some friends.  Where we currently live, there are no toy stores so we stopped off at the nearest one on our way home.  It happened to thankfully be a Toys R Us.  In fact, now that I think about it, I don't even know any other major retail toy stores.  Wow...is that possible?

As we were leaving the hotel, I quickly logged onto the computer and began searching for printable coupons I could use while visiting Toys R Us.  Sadly, I could only find one that was for a certain percentage off of a girls bicycle.  However, I did find tons of codes for ordering from home.  I decided to visit the toy store blind and hope to find a deal without a coupon…that’s very rare now-a-days.  Luckily, I came across a ‘Manager’s Special’ deal and we were able to come away with some new toys at decent price.

After we made it home from the short trip, I decided to go online to see what kind of deals I could find for Toys R Us.  It always helps when you’re in front of your own computer.  I’m not sure if it’s because your favorites are right there or if you just feel more comfortable.  I was able to find more deals and coupons that I could ever use.  There were printable coupons, coupon you could use from your phone, and many online coupon codes for ordering from home.  I had hit the jackpot, I thought!

I started surfing the Toys R Us online store and my shopping cart began to fill up quicker than it ever has at the actual store.  My mind started thinking…is this a good thing?  It isn’t Christmas…but maybe I could use that excuse.  Sure enough, I had 23 items in the shopping cart and I decided to use my ToysR Us promo codes I had found online.  My ending total was a savings of over $423 and some change.  I was truly queen of the shopping cart for that day.  What an experience.  Thank goodness for the wonderful, amazing, and always there for you Coupon Code!  Have you had any experiences like mine?  If so, feel free to leave a comment with your experience.  It might just inspire me to shop at another store.  =-)

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